Thursday, August 06, 2009

US Govt. is now going to enforce cyberlaw control on the netizens

US Govt. is aimed to enforce Cyber law Control on netizens.
The US Govt. is aimed on forcing Cyber Law controls on an unwilling public in an environment that is not controllable. Americans have various rights that are assured by Law, and when the American Government begins forcing Cyber Law controls by online surveillance in Internet, which spreads over the entire world, the control factor looks very similar to that level of control that is found in a Communist society.
It is pertinent to mention that Cyber Laws relate to the communication devices such as cellular telephones and the areas of the Internet that provide freedom to people to talk openly about any topic. Now Americans are feeling uncomfortable with expressing their opinions while in Internet chat rooms.
The Government feels that it is losing income due to e-commerce and m-commerce. There are difficulties in drawing a line to give tax benefits to a particular State, or to afford the Federal government the right to claim their Federal taxes on such work. By enforcing e-commerce and m-commerce taxation, the Government could be considered to be guilty of double dipping if they ever get to the point where they could get paid taxes for work that is done through cyber contacts.
The law enforcement agencies are using WebCrawler programmes and online surveillance to track predators and illegal activities. They are just as guilty of using the cyberspace for gain as the next person, but the gain they achieve is in removing predators that make the Internet their home away home and not from gaining income that the Federal government cannot tax.
Americans have a real problem with anyone who wants to control them. The freedoms they enjoy everyday have given them the right to learn from information on the Internet and earn an income from the research that is done. Monitoring the places through cookies and other programmes that they go is forcing Cyber Laws controls on an unwilling Public who have privacy as a part of human rights and fundamental rights. Now lot of netizens access the Internet from home, and doing surveillance over internet could be construed as a home invasion and a violation of their right to privacy that is one of the basic essences of life.