Friday, August 28, 2009

Face book tighten up its privacy policies

Facebook,is one of the fastest growing social networking site in the owrld.It has 250 million users right now.The company was facing lot of pressure for increasing privacy standards.The company has upgraded its privacy level and accordingly users will now have more control over the personal information they share with third-party applications such as games and quizzes and will clarify what happens to data when a user deactivates an account.Generally people who wish to use such third-party software have to agree to share all their personal details with the application.Due to the recent changes, the application developer will have to specify which categories of data the software needs, for e.g. so now users can give explicit permission whether birthdays or geographic location,they have to specifically approve any access Facebook applications have to their friends' information. Such access would still be subject to the friend's privacy and application settings. Due to these changes the software dvelopers will need to update their software to comply with the new standardswho have built profitable businesses creating applications for Facebook users. Facebook said the changes would take up to a year to implement.