Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alliance College of Law

Alliance College of Law, Alliance University is a premier institute for higher learning committed to creating, conveying and applying knowledge to continuously provide opportunities for professional and personal growth. The University is dedicated to build a strong future for its students. It aims to provide an opportunity for an excellent quality education and professional experience thereby ensuring that a student’s life during the academic program and beyond is most exciting and rewarding. In its efforts to provide a world-class law education to its key constituents, Alliance College of Law, Alliance University has carefully crafted courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels that impart exceptional learning, strong subject-matter expertise and versatile proficiencies in law to its graduates. In addition to the highly accomplished full-time faculty who deliver the courses at the College, the teaching team is complemented by a panel of experienced visiting faculty and renowned legal practitioners.

In its pursuit to nurture world-class legal professionals among its graduates, Alliance College of Law, Alliance University currently offers five-year, full-time, integrated degree courses at the undergraduate level—Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law (Honors) and Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Law (Honors) as well as one-year, full-time diploma courses at the postgraduate level in the areas of intellectual property and patent law and cyber law.

A hallmark of the courses offered by Alliance College of Law, Alliance University is a contemporary and progressive curriculum that integrates concepts in law with current needs to ensure that students receive a distinct edge in learning.
We are confident that you will find your stay at Alliance College of Law, Alliance University intellectually satisfying and professionally fulfilling.
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