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Organized by
Knowledge Partners
Ernst & Young,
Valiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd, and
Indian Society of Criminology
Dates : March 23rd and 24th , 2010
Venue of the Conference: Hotel Breeze,
No. 850, Poonamallee High Road,
Chennai 600 010
Legislating against electronic crimes such as
spam and ID fraud will not reduce the problem;
instead, education for small businesses and
consumers and cooperation between countries is
the answer. Although some legislation is
required to fight internet-based crimes, alone, it
will make no difference unless backed up by
corporation between international law
enforcement agencies and education for
computer users - EURIM, and Institute for
Public Policy Research (IPPR).
As long as people are so easily fooled by
scammers, no amount of legislation will solve
the problem of phishing, where fake emails are
sent to online banking users asking them to
"confirm" their password and username; under
no circumstances are you supposed to reveal the
whole password - nobody at the bank will ask
for more than a few random letters from it - and
yet people have been giving the complete phrase
to the phishers, says Philip Virgo, Secretary
general of EURIM.
The above statement clearly emphasizes the
importance of imparting cyber crime awareness
and education to end users. At the same time
there is also a need to understand cyber crime
from a non-technical approach like
understanding the criminological and
victimological aspects, how it can effect various
affected parties and how we can protect and
prevent malicious and damaging attacks on our
network and business both in private and
government sector. It is with this idea, the
present International Conference on Cyber
Criminology is being organized during 23rd
and 24th of March 2010.
The aim of this conference is to establish a
multidisciplinary forum for information sharing,
team building and the development of
innovative debate on cyber security,
investigations, forensic techniques /technologies
and legal concerns amongst investigators,
criminologists, victimolgists, information
assurance and network security professionals.
The registration for the conference is open to
anyone who is interested in the field of
information security, cyber forensics, cyber
laws, intellectual property rights and related
The registration fee for the conference is
Rs. 4,000/- for the delegates and Rs. 500/- for
the students (limited entries only)which may be
sent as a Demand Draft drawn in favour of
"Cyber Criminology" to "Professor and
Head, Department of Criminology" payable
at University of Madras, Chennai 600 005.
The Demand Draft should be sent along with
the registration form to "Dr.R. Thilagaraj,
Professor and Head, Department of
Criminology, University of Madras, Chennai
600 005" who is the Organizing Secretary of
the conference on or before 25th of February
Organizing Committee:
Organizing Secretary:
Dr.R. Thilagaraj,
Professor and Head,
Department of Criminology,
University of Madras, Chennai 600 005
Organizing Committee Members:
1. Dr. K. Rama Subramaniam, Director
and CEO, Valiant Technologies Pvt.
2. Mr. M.P. Badrinath, Director(Risk
Advisory Services), Ernst & Young.
3. Mr. A. Vijayakumar, AGM
(Information Security), Karur Vysya
Bank, Chennai.
4. Dr.S. Latha, Secretary, Indian Society
of Criminology and Faculty of
5. Mr.A.R. Raghavan, Chief Operating
Officer, Valiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Any further queries can be sent to the organizing
secretary to the above mentioned address or to
the e-mails:, or ,
ph: 044 – 25366988, 9840247256
University of Madras & Department of
Criminology : The University of Madras was
established in the year 1857. This University is
the mother of almost all the Old Universities of
Southern India. This University has been
growing from strength to strength while
widening its teaching and research activities.
The University is situated just before the Asia's
2nd longest beach viz., Marina Beach. The new
Department of Criminology came into existence
in the University of Madras in April 1983.
Though it is a new department, the Department
of Criminology is striving for academic
excellence through its various research and
training activities over the last 26 years. The
Department offers the following courses:
1. M.A. in Criminology & Criminal Justice
2. M.Sc., in Cyber Forensics & Information Security
3. Diploma in Cyber Crime and Information Security
The Department is selected as the Centre for
Excellence in Cyber Forensics by the
Ernst & Young' (or "EY") is one of the largest
professional services firms in the world and one
of the Big Four auditors, along with
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Deloitte and
Ernst & Young is a global organization of
member firms in more than 140 countries. Its
global headquarters are based in London, UK
and the U.S. firm is headquartered at 5, Times
Square, New York. According to Forbes
magazine, as of 2008 it is also the 9th largest
private company in the United States.
Valiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (V-Tech) is
established in the year 2002 with the objective
of emerging as a reliable provider of end-to-end
information security consulting and training
solutions to enterprise operating in different
business segments – commercial enterprises,
government departments, law enforcement,
judiciary, and armed forces. In addition, V-Tech
has worked very closely with academic
institutions by offering expertise to design and
implement education programs in the areas of
information security and digital forensics.
Valiant provide to its clients with the kind of
assurance and comfort level that they would
require when it comes to information security.
Their 'security-only' approach differentiates
them from other consulting organizations that
'also' offer security services. This differentiator
permits the consultants who bring with them
over 100 consultant-years of experience, to offer
solutions that assist clients in identifying,
assessing and minimizing virtually every type of
risk associated with information security
activities. Valiant's Director and CEO,
Dr K Rama Subramaniam who has over two
decades of experience in the areas of
information security management, technology,
assurance and digital forensics, heads the team
of consultants who bring in a rich blend of
academic excellence and proven consulting
delivery capability.
The Indian Society of Criminology was
established in the year 1970. The Society, which
was started with the objectives of advancing the
study and application of Criminology and allied
sciences for the welfare of society and for
facilitating co-operation among persons
interested in the prevention and control of crime
developed in a short period, into a pioneering
national organization due to the efforts of the
dedicated founders. The Society has been
seeking to attain its objectives by organizing
annual conferences, seminars, workshops,
periodical symposia, training programmes and
public lectures with themes of current interest in
society, crime and its prevention and
rehabilitation of the offenders, thus involving the
people against crime and delinquency and also
stimulating interest among the members of the
Criminal Justice System in applying
criminological approach to the problem of
Department of Criminology
University of Madras
Registration Form
Name :
Gender :
Educational Qualifications :
Occupation and designation:
Office :
Phone: ( O )……………… (M)
Email :………………………….
Registration fee particulars:
Amount: Rs…………………………
Demand Draft No…………………, Bank

Dr.Tabrez Ahmad,
Associate Professor of Law, KIIT Law School
KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, 751024.
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