Thursday, July 08, 2010

Legal Implications of the convergence of IT, Telecom and Broadcasting

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Due to convergence of Telecommunication, broadcasting and information technology there is a big challenge to manage the rights and obligations on the internet.Technology convergence is a natural process which will continue by its own pace. Which is making the boundaries blurred among the different aresa which were earlier quite different from itself. Still we are governing the fast moving media by the Telegraph Act 1885. As the Communication and Convergence Bill 2001 is still pending in the parliament. If the proposed Bill becomes a reality it will repeal the five Acts The Telegraph Act 1885, Cable Television Act 1996, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act 1995, Wireless Telegraphy Act etc. This reflects the seriousness required before passing the Bill in evaluating all the stake holders and probable affected parties.So the select committee which is right now working on the proposed Communication and Convergence Bill should make serious research and also involve the experts in the filed before taking any final decision on the Bill.If the Bill is passed without serious research it may provoke a havoc in the cyberworld. Hope the committe takes a serious note of it .
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