Sunday, May 15, 2016

Need of Specialized Legal Education in India

The world is heading towards rapid progress in all fields including law. In this regard, globalization has changed the dynamism of the entire polity and society as a result of which the whole world is giving importance upon knowledge economy.
Law, as the essence of society, regulates human behavior at every micro and macro level and therefore, the functioning of the law is as dynamic as that of the society. As a result, today, the law is not used only to resolve disputes and to maintain an orderly society but has evolved to be used as an effective instrument of socio economic development and justice. Gone are the days when judges used to mechanically apply the law to sort of issues in the society. Today, it is used as a tool intended to discipline the power and empower the powerless.
Gone are the days when the legal professionals were considered the guardian angels standing for the legal order and executing one of the noblest functions of the society. Today, it may very well be argued that all these variables are overlooked in the light of amassing wealth and fame, not only in India but globally.
Today the legal profession has progressed as a branch of education attracting the best minds in the country. The legal service sector has experienced a steady and continuous growth mainly as a consequence of the growth in international trade and investment. Sectors such as corporate restructuring, privatization cross border mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property rights etc. require more sophisticated services, thereby facilitating trade in legal services and creating the essential need of the specialized law professional. Though the legal profession is by and large practiced by individual professionals in most of the countries, modern corporate issues call for collective efforts which in turn have facilitated the growth of larger law firms.
With the emergence of such opportunities, there is a major revamping and growth in the specialized legal education. Specialized learning which would provide a platform for the youth of the country to incentivize them to join the Bar with a fresh perspective and therefore the approach used was to use law as an instrument of sound decision making and problem solving, traits which are of utmost importance in the field of litigation.

In this program, we seeks to provide a correct understanding of the legal education, legal profession and the changing attitudes of the students with the changing scenarios, both at the national level as well as at the international level. 

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